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Brentwood is the south neighbor to Crestview. As with Crestview, the homes commonly were built as 2-1s, mostly for GIs in the 40s. Now, they either stayed that original 2-1 or people have added on over the years. Some of these add-ons are decent and some are ridiculous. The area is south of Justin Lane, north of about 50th, and between Burnet and Lamar. Burnet at the termination of its life near 45th and up north through 51st is a lot of new low-rise buildings with a myriad of new shops and restaurants. The style is reminiscent of SoCo although it was built just a few years ago. It houses a sushi place, a bakery, and coffee house as well as everyday life destinations like vets and salons. There is quite a bit of re-building over in Brentwood, especially on the west side of the neighborhood, so if you are looking for a close-in new build, this area may be an option.