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Clarksville is east of Lamar to Mopac, and north of the river to about Enfield. Lots of people love this area and for good reason. The neighborhood is very walkable, hilly, and lush with green. 12th Street and West Lynn is the hot spot of the neighborhood and a destination for many even in Austin. It has the perfect combination of shops to get the locals through the week. There is a couple cafes for lunch, a fancy restaurant for special occasions, a gardening center, a cleaners, a 1950s pharmacy, a general store, and a veterinarian, all within a couple blocks walk. The neighborhood is also close to the indie hub of activity around 6th and Lamar, which includes Whole Foods, Waterloo Records, Amy's Ice Cream, and Book People. Clarksville is also one of the closest neighborhoods (of actual houses) to downtown so all its fun stuff is a couple minutes away.

Clarksville was founded in the 1870s by freedmen, and it was the first African-American town west of the Mississippi earning it a spot in the National Register of Historic Places. I spoke with an descendent of an original family in the neighborhood who said that many of the homes when they were originally built had out-houses and bathrooms were usually added on later. It's definitely one of the most interesting areas in central Austin, slightly hilly, cute homes, and lots of history.