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Hyde Park

38th to 51st, between Guadalupe & I-35 / Airport

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Hyde Park is on the north side of UT campus stretching from 38th to 51st Street and between Duval and Guadalupe. There's a lot of history behind this neighborhood. In the early days, the area was known as a recreation destination with horse racing, the state fair, and fake battles held by the state militia. Also, being just across Guadalupe from the future Hyde Park, the State Lunatic Asylum (as it was called then) was built in 1861. Now referred to as the Austin State Hospital, it was landscaped in the 1870s with extensive grounds and lakes, and many people would take a Sunday drive around the area, canoe, and enjoy its beauty. This brought even more people out there, and in 1891, Hyde Park was platted as Austin's first suburb. There was a rail line that connected its residents to downtown Austin through the 1940s. There was also a lake behind Elizabeth Ney's studio on 44th and Avenue G. Monroe Shipe, which Shipe Park is named after, is the original developer of Hyde Park and pretty much developed all the infrastructure that made Hyde Park self sufficient and sustainable.

Ok, enough history lesson. Today, the area has kept lots of its original charm. The trolleys are gone, but the homes are well maintained. The original grocery store on Avenue B is still there, and they have quite good soups. The old convenience store on 43rd and Duval is gone, but a hub of restaurants, a small specialty grocery store, coffee shop, and other various shops fill that spot. Although the area has been enveloped by Austin.