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Moratorium passed on McMansions

The Austin City Council passed a moratorium on the building of McMansions. This was in response to complaints by different Austin Neighborhoods. Under the new rules when a home is torn down the home that replaces it cannot be over 2500 square feet. Overall Im happy with the moratorium. Alot of people have complained that they buy a cute 1940's house in a quaint neighborhood. And two weeks later the house next to them is torn down and someone is staring down into their backyard from the balcany of their 3500 square foot house. Although I have not experienced this their complaints make sense. On the other hand if someone wants to build a 3500 square foot house their are plenty of options for them besides moving to a neighborhood of 800 square foot houses.

With the moratorium people who want large houses can live in Westlake or 1A. And people who want to live in neighborhoods of smaller 1940s homes will have options as well.


So I have found some more information about the moratorium. Here it is http://www.pembertonheights.org/McMansion/Interim_Guidelines_1st_reading.htm.
Basically you can pick the greatest of three different values.
1. 2500 square feet
2. 40% of lot size
3. A value based on the size of the previous house.


One more addition to this post. I would prefer that the new mcmansion law took into account the average size of houses in the neighborhood. For instance in some inner city neighborhoods where the average house size is around 900 to 1100 square feet, one can still build a 3500 square foot house because of the lot size. That seems a little out of character for the neighborhood.

But, if someone has an average sized lot in Westlake, I dont see any purpose in limiting them to 2500 square feet if the average house size on their street is around 4000 square feet.


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But I like to look down from my mezzanine-style balcony onto my little neighbors walking around like ants beneath me. What options do I have now?