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April statistics for the Austin Real Estate market are out

The April stats are out for the Austin Real Estate Market. Nothing
is too surprising. The market is more heated which is typical for
the summer. The number of houses on the market and the number of houses
selling per week is greater than during the winter months. Basically
more people list their house during the summer and more people shop for
a house during the summer. Compared to last year at this time the market
is still up. The average price went up 8% from $162,000 to $175,000.
There are less houses on the market down 9% from 8,123 from 8,880
this time last year.

April Single Family Median Price
2006 $175,000
2005 $162,000

April Single Family Sales
2006 2190
2005 1960

April Single Family Listings
2006 8,123
2005 8,880

More complete statistics are located here
Austin Real Estate Statistics


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