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May Stats for the Austin Real Estate Market are out.

While the rest of the country seems to be slowing down Austin continues to
have a strong market. I could give an answer as to why with lots of charts
and graphs. Cause I like charts and graphs especially pie charts. Pie Charts are
neat. But I think the reason is simply Austin is a cool place to live. People
that are moving here seem to just generally like Austin. Anyway enough babbling
here are the stats

April Single Family Median Price
2006 $174,000
2005 $161,000

April Single Family Sales
2006 2620
2005 2277

April Single Family Listings
2006 8,172
2005 8,369

Compared to last year prices are up, there are more sales and there are less houses sitting on the market.

If you are a dork like me and want to look at even more stats they are located here
Austin Real Estate Stats. Also if you want to look
at prices by neighborhood they are located here
Austin Neighborhood Prices


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