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Austin Real Estate prices by subdivision for the first half of 2006.

So I just finished updating the prices for different Austin subdivisions. I mostly looked at central Austin neighborhoods like Hyde Park, Bouldin, Barton Hills and Crestview. If anyone is interested in other subdivisions feel free to send me an email.

So what happened compared to the last half of 2005. For the most part neighborhoods went up in value. Almost every neighborhood we ran statistics on went up according to price per square foot. This is in line with the increased interest Austin has had from people leaving California and Florida and looking for a hip vibrant city to relocate to.

Bouldin went up quite a bit with the price per square foot going from 196.53 to 237.27. This makes sense with the intense interest in downtown. Bouldin being just south of the river is one of the closest neighborhoods to downtown. Two other areas that went up were Tarrytown and Enfield. Like Bouldin these neighborhoods are both very central.

Interestingly prices in the City of West Lake were stable. It seems that with the heightened interest in other areas of Austin West Lake has been somewhat forgotten.

Anyway the full stats area here
Austin Real Estate Stats by Subdivision

One thing that people might be confused by is the prices for these neighborhoods
are all higher than the median price for an Austin Home which last month was
about $174,000 Median Austin Real Estate Prices by Month . This is because the neighborhoods we looked at were in and around central Austin. If we were to look at prices farther out from downtown the prices would have been significantly lower.


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