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Austin is the most relaxed/impatient city in the US?

Some other Austin Bloggers have been writing about this. Apparently, we have been named the most impatient city in the US. Now anyone who has lived in Austin, and well almost anywhere else, knows this is pretty crazy. The evidence was because we have a lot of stuff like wi-fi, online government services, and overnight delivery service centers. When I have work to do, I like to go to a coffee shop and pull out the laptop instead of going to an office. I always thought this was because I liked the relaxed atmosphere, but apparently it’s because I'm impatient?

I have noticed that when I go to other cities something seems well different. People always think of Austin as laid back, which it is. But at the same time we plan things out in a logical way. Recently I had to turn in some forms to a semi-governmental office in Austin and another city which will remain nameless. In the other city, I called to ask if I could submit them online or mail them in. I was told in a terse tone that no I had to bring them in. That was the only way to turn in the forms. I asked a few times what I had to bring in. I was told I needed to bring in a particular form. So I drove to this other city. When I got there I was told that I needed an additional form. Since nothing is online, I had to basically go with what the person on the phone told me. Being an Austinite, I took it in stride. I tried to talk about their town and what stuff they have going on. I got a blank stare. It seemed people don’t chat, they do business. I guess their organization is problematic so people don’t have time to chat or go on walks in the park. So I came back with my wife a few days later with the correct forms. We stood in line for about 45 minutes. The first trip I was lucky to arrive early in the morning. Apparently after the morning is over, there is usually a line. People in the line seemed rushed and well impatient, constantly looking at their watches. The person in line behind me called her husband and complained she was going to be late. My wife tried to talk to someone and got a surprised look and a terse reply. I later told her "Sorry I forget to warn you. People over there don’t… well they don't like to talk to each other".

Now fast forward a few months. I have to do the same thing in Austin. I call the Austin office. I can fill out the forms online. I can print out the forms and mail them in. I can bring in the forms. Wow, I have options. I ask where the office is and a friendly voice guides me to an online map to their office. It’s pretty close to my house, so I figure I will bring them in. Even though I get their in the middle of the day, there is no line. Probably, because a lot of people are mailing or submitting their forms online. When I get there, I talk to the office person about how a lot of people are in town because of a music festival. Another employee walks over and talks about how they liked last year’s festival. We end up talking for about 30 minutes about the different bands that are playing this year. The people in the office seem pretty relaxed. It’s always weird because people ask me about Austin. And they wonder how do y’all get stuff done people are just wandering around town lake all the time. And I’m like well we kind of organize all the stupid junk we have to do in life… so… well… we can do stuff like wander around town lake. So anyway, here is to Austin- the most impatient city in the US. I figure they should send us a trophy with some anxious looking person on it. You can ship it to one of our many convenient overnight delivery centers. But if don’t have a corresponding overnight delivery place in your town. That’s cool we can wait for it; we don’t mind.


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