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Austin MLS Area boundries are changing

So, the Austin MLS area boundaries will be changing sometime early next year. This is a summary of the major changes in the central areas...

old mls map:

new mls map:

* MLS Area 4 - The area south of 38th Street will be divided into UT, which is north of MLK, and DT, which south of MLK. Essentially, they are the UT area and the downtown area, respectively. Also, area 4 will extend west further to Mopac (and north of 38h St).

* MLS Area 1b - 1b swallowed up the part of 1A that is south of 2222. And it lost the area north of 38th St and east of Loop 1 to area 4.

* MLS Area 1a - Lost its area south of 2222 to area 1b.

* MLS Area 10 - The area north of William Cannon will be called 10N, and the area south of William Cannon will be called 10S.

* MLS Area SW - The area east of Loop 1 following 45 to the west and back south on 1826 will be SWE, and the area west of the same boundary will be called SWW.

* MLS Area 8W & LS - The boundary between the two areas is moving more east, just west of Senna Hills.

* MLS Area RN took over parts of CL and LN. Specifically, the area bordered by FM2769, Lake Travis, and 620 are now RN.

* MLS Area CL - CL is splitting up between CLS and CLN. The boundary is basically 1431, and the northern par of LN (now CLN) will be part of LH. Also, the part south of 2769 will now be part of RN.

* MLS Area NE - This area is extending further east, taking over parts of MA.

Some of the changes kinda make sense, like splitting the huge areas of 10 and SW. And also, identifying DT and UT areas that are becoming more and more dense with condos. What I was surprised at is that area 1N is still one huge area. It seems that the homes north and south of 183 should be distinguished and maybe part of N joining 1N. RN is actually kinda huge too; it seems the neighborhoods off 620 and 2222 should be grouped separately. And area 1b is a little wacky. I am not really sure what the point of making the Courtyard (off 360 & 2222) part of 1b. I guess just everything south of 2222 is now 1b but that area is not really similar to the more central part of 1b. It seems that if anything, 1a should have swallowed up more of 1b. Another thing I am surprised about is why they did not split of areas 3 and 5. There's a lot of activity over there, and the areas are massive. Anyway, that's that.


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This is pretty interesting. I would have expected 3 and 5 to be chopped up as well.