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90% of home shoppers begin their search online. Would you like your home to be prominently featured on the most visited website ( in the Austin real estate market? We are the only local website in the Austin real estate market to have been featured in Comscore (a list of the largest websites in the US). In addition, we also manage over 100+ websites in the Austin market that will also feature your home.

Your home will be listing on over 500 of the largest real estate websites in the US such as,,,,, New York Post, AOL real estate,,,,,, and hundreds of others. In addition we will create a website specifically for your property.

Unlike some realtors we have the hassle free contract. We are confident in our marketing abilities and that means you are free to cancel at anytime.

A few questions (Q) and answers (A)

Q) Why are we listing homes for only 1%?

A) We have a strong background in technology. This has allowed us to automate many aspects of our online advertising process. This automation has resulted in 1) more exposure for your listing 2) a more efficient process than most realtors use. This increase in efficiency results in lower cost for our business which we pass on to you. These cost savings for you are one of the many benefits of technology.

Q) What is the background of the broker (and the owner of this website)?

A) Kimbrough is Vice Chair of the Austin MLS (the group that creates the rules governing the Austin multiple listing service). He also serves on the Technology Committee for the Texas Association of Realtors. He consults with 13 of the largest 15 US home builders on a national level to help them generate more online traffic for their homes. He graduated with Departmental Honors in Computer Science from the University of Texas, then began his professional career in Advertising and Marketing. In 2005 he started in Real estate and owned his own company in Austin, Texas. One would be hard pressed to find someone that has a deeper knowledge of real estate marketing.

Q) Why do some realtors I talk to spend a lot of time talking about their other listings. Why did they do that?

A) Obviously their other listings are not going to sell your house. In fact, if a realtor talks simply about the number of listings they have or the number of sales they made its a good indication the don't have the ability to market your home online (where 90% of home shoppers start). If they did they would be talking about their internet presence and how they would market your home.

Q) Why isn't a long term contract required?

A) We don't require a long term contract because we are confident in our ability to market your home online. Yes we will lose money if you cancel your listing after we spend money marketing your home. Again we are confident in our ability to market and sell your home.

Q) How many agents work at your company?

A) We have more than 50 tech savvy agents in the state of Texas.

Q) I talked to an agent that only does listings. Is that a good thing?

A) Not if you want to sell your home. Think of it like a store. Would you want to market your product (your home) in a store with a lot of other products but no buyers? Or would you rather makret your product (your home) in a store with a lot of buyers.

Q) Are there any upfront costs?

A) No.