Choose Your Austin Realtor
Ok, so why would you need a professional? What do we do? The biggest part of what we do, other than showing houses, is negotiating. Once you find your home, let me tell you, it is not always a fun process to negotiate contracts, and if you are not experienced with the Austin realtor standards and practices, it could be very confusing. With our Austin realtor experience, we strive to make it as stress-free and smooth as possible. For first time home buyers or anyone that would like the information, we have a list of trustworthy mortgage brokers and inspectors, and always welcome new ones, if you have recommendations.

What does it cost you? One thing that is a common misconception is that you have to pay for realtor services if you are buying a home. Every realtor does it differently, but traditionally, the buyer's agent is paid by the seller through the listing agent. Let's say the listing agent is getting paid 6% of the sales price for listing a home for a seller; that listing agent will typically advertise in the MLS, and will commit to paying the buyer's agent a percentage of that 6%, let's say half or 3% of the sales price. Some people think that they are saving money by not having an buyers agent. That is almost always not true. In that situation, the 6% is just entirely paid to the listing agent. You save nothing and loose out on having a professional represent you in the transaction.

We personally do not require buyers to sign a contract with us. If you are buying a home, it does not cost anything to you to have us represent you as your Austin realtor. We also do not bind you to work with us. If you feel we are not the right match for you, then we'd be happy to refer you to a better fit. Our philosophy is to help you find what you are looking for, help you through the contract/negotiation process, and basically, provide you with our expertise. We are confident that you will be happy with our services!

Please give us a call or email us to set up a time to get to know us better. We would be honored to be your Austin realtor. To give you a little info, here is our pledge to you as your realtor...

  • As your realtor we will... answer all your questions. We are there to answer any questions you have. Whether you need a referral for an inspector or advice on what kind of mortgage loan to get, we have the knowledge and experience to answer.

  • As your realtor we will... listen to your needs. Each client is different. Some know exactly what they want and some need a lot of guidance from finding a the right Austin neighborhood to figuring out their loan.

  • As your realtor we will... prepare offers and negotiate on your behalf. With our experience of the standards and practices in Austin real estate, we know what is typical of negotiations and what is not. We are there to protect you from any wrong-doing or unfair deals.

  • As your realtor we will... guide you through the buying or selling process. You never know how much will be involved in buying your home. It could be as simple as making an offer and getting the keys, but usually that's not the case. There are inspections, estimates, negotiations, and much much paper work, that completely overwhelming if you don't know what it all is.

  • As your realtor we will... research the market to find you the best deal that matches your criteria. With our knowledge of the various Austin neighborhoods, we can help find a home that is right for you.

  • As your realtor we will... help you stay realistic. Finding a home involves compromises and self-discovery. We help you sort out the priorities of your search criteria and find out what is most important to you so that you find a home that really feels like home.

  • As your realtor we will... use standard realtor forms to draw up the offers. These are used for your protections as they have been written with care by lawyers to protect everyone involved in the transactions and prevent any possible oversights.

  • As your realtor we will... stay educated. We are required to take 60 hours of courses a year to keep our licenses. This keeps realtors educated and on top of real estate topics.

  • As your realtor we are... part of the Austin Board of Realtors, the Texas Board of Realtors, and the National Board of Realtors. As part of these associations, we vow to follow a Code of Ethics.

  • As your realtor we are... legally (and by our own integrity) obligated to represent you and only you in a transaction. If we represent anyone else in a transaction that you are involved in, we have to disclose this to you and the other party. This is according to law.

  • As your realtor we will... help you find mortgage brokers, inspectors, insurance, or whatever you need. We do not get any kick-backs or any fees from these referrals. Our objective in giving referrals is to make the experience a good one. A bad inspector or mortgage broker can make what should be an exciting purchase into a complete drag.

  • As your realtor we will... always remember that we are working for you. That means we want to make you happy!

    Again, please give us a call or email to set up a time to check us out. We would be honored to be your realtor.