Client Quotes
Instead of us talking about ourselves, here are some comments from previous clients that we have helped.

"Just about everybody I know hates realtors (including me). When my wife and I decided to shop for a house, we didn't want to deal with a realtor, but we needed the help. So we were really happy that two of our friends were realtors, because they're good at what they do, and they don't suck.

Basically, they have the good qualities that you want in a realtor (smart, helpful, knowledgeable, competent, plus they're just interesting people) without any of the crap that makes you want to puke (fake personalities, pushing you to do what they want instead of listening to what you want, being annoying, etc.). They're there when you need them, helpful when it counts, and they give you all the room you want to do things your own way.

So if anyone is looking for cool, competent realtors in Austin who are not fake plastic puppets, check out "

Jackie & Jeff
"Our transaction had some unanticipated bumps with repairs and septic issues. We were glad to have Lisa and Kimbrough on our side to help us navigate through the entire process. They explained the problems and the different avenues we could take to remedy the situation. They also told us the pros and cons of each one. We negotiated for a repair and they met with the septic inspectors and the repairmen and kept us appraised of the situation. We thank them for making a potentially difficult situation easier for us. "

"Hi, guys - we miss you... We are excited... practically jumping up and down. Only thing is, I miss hunting for houses. Can we do it sometimes just for fun?"

"You guys rock."