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With art, music, theaters, festivals, parks, nature trails, Town Lake, and the occasionally homeless cross dresser, there is a lot of things going on in downtown Austin. The downtown Austin area has some condos now, and in the next couple years, more are coming. Below is a description of some of the main condos in Austin:

602 Davis Street

The Shore is currently under construction. It's officially sold out but things pop up now and then as people fall out of contract if you are interested give us a call. We are in occasionally contact with their sales manager and can give you a heads up when something becomes available. about The Shore...

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54 Rainey Street

The Milago was originally slated to be an apartment complex. But sometime before completion they changed it to be condominiums. One of the questions always surrounding condos is the views. Will someone build next to me and block the view from the balcony? One of the attributes of the Milago at least for condos on the west side is the unobstructed river views. The Milago sits right on the edge of the town lake. The other thing is the pool on the roof. I think pool roofs are pretty cool unless you are afraid of heights and then they are terrifying. Personally I'm a little uneasy about heights but would deal with them for the pool. The Milago sold out all the units before completion. But as with most larger complexes there are usually a few for resale. Prices tend to range from about 300,000 to 700,000. about Milago...

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410 E 5th Street

The Avenue Lofts were built in 1999. As the name indicates, the units have a loft feel, with concrete floors, exposed ventilation & pipes, granite counters, and exposed cement columns. about Avenue Lofts...

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800 W 5th Street

The Austin City Lofts were completed way back in 2003, before anyway had ever heard of youtube. The Austin City Lofts are in the west section of downtown close to Whole Foods and Book People. about Austin City Lofts...

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444 East 5th Street

The 555 is luxury condominiums atop the Hilton hotel. The first units were completed in 2004, and the last units were completed in 2006. The windows are from floor to ceiling, and some have views of the Frost Tower. Units have ranged from 350k to 2.8 million for a penthouse. about 5 Fifty Five...

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901 W 9th Street

The Nokonah is probably one of the more well known condo projects. It is next door to Book People and REI, close to the hub of activity on 6th & Lamar. about Nokonah...

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1122 Colorado Street

Built in 1965, Westgate is located across the street from the State of Texas Capitol building, making it convenient for people with jobs that require them to spend time at the Capitol. Some of the units have full views of the Capitol. That black fence in the photo to the left is surrounding the Capitol lawn, so you can see that the condos are literally across the street. As for the interior, some units are remodeled and some need updating. about Westgate...

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