Free Real Estate Calculator

So I spent some time writing some real estate calculators. If any webmasters need a calculator for their site I am offering them free for use by other webmasters. I designed the page to be generic so it could fit into other peoples sites. Anyway have fun. I am probably going to write some more so feel free to send requests for additional calculators. In addition to the mortgage calculators, we also wrote a mortgage interest rates widget that allows webmasters to display current mortgage rates on their website

Here is the HTML code to have the calculator appear in a new window. You can scroll to the bottom of the page to see a screenshot of the calculator.

This link would appear as -> Real Estate Calculator.

Free Mortgage Calculator

We also wrote a free mortgage calculator that you can install on your site. Simply copy the code below and post it on your website and you should have a interactive mortgage calculator.

Mortgage Calculator

Free Mortgage Calculator

You can also install the mortgage calculator with 4 options on a new page on your site. Create a new page on your site called mortgagecalculator.html. Then post the code below into the page you just created. Now all you have to do is post a link to your new page.

Currently we have 4 options on the calculator:
  • Mortgage Calculator to determine Mortgage Payments
  • Max House Price based on Desired Monthly Payment
  • Max Affordable House Price
  • Investment Property Cashflow Calculator

    If you have any requests for new calculators please email realestate at escapesomewhere dot com. I will probably implement it at 3am some night when I can't go to sleep. Also if you decide to use our calculators please send an email to to let us know.

    Below is a screenshot of the calculator page.