Mortgage Interest Rates

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I started out to write a widget that would keep mortgage interest rates on my website up to date. One thing led to another and I ended up with some neat little tools. If any other webmasters need a tool that will keep up to date mortgage rates for their website I am offering it for free. I designed the interface to be pretty generic so it can fit into other webmasters sites. If anyone has a problem using the widget feel free to send me an email. (We also have a page with html code for a free mortgage calculator for webmasters to use.)

There are six basic options.

Option 1

The first option is an image that webmasters can use. The image updates automatically so the mortgage rates update each week without the webmaster having to do anything. We only update the images on our server so if you download the image it will not work.

There is also a link at the bottom which goes to a mortgage rates tool we created. It allows you to look at mortgage rates over a longer period of time. Anyway grab the code and post it on your website and you should be good to go.

Option 2

This is the same as the first option we just added a few more mortgage products.

Option 3

The third option shows the rates for the last two weeks. Its basically good to provide a quick easy to read snapshot of the current rates for the major mortgage products.

Option 4

This is an older version of the widget. I figured I should keep it up here in case anyone liked it over the version above.

Mortgage Interest Rates

Historical Mortgage Rates

Option 5

The fifth option is a link to the tool we wrote that allows users to look more in depth at mortgages rates. We designed the mortgage rates tool to look generic so it would fit in with most websites.

The user can set a time period and pick which mortgage products to look at. A user can graph the mortgage rates over a time period or create a graph of what the mortgage would be on a 200k house based on mortgage rate. Below is the code for the second option that you can copy and paste into your HTML.

It should look like this on your site Mortgage Interest Rates

Option 6

The last option is similar to the first. The first option has some html around the mortgage rates image. The last option is just the mortgage rates image. We only update the images on our server so if you download the image it will not work.

Mortgage Interest Rates

Figure 1

Here is a screen capture of the mortgage rates tool used in the fifth option. Current Mortgage Rates

The mortgage rate tool is provided by Escapeso Austin real estate. If you are an agent working outside of the Austin Real Estate market we are always glad to take referrals.