About Us
Austin Real Estate and becoming agents was initially just our investment for the future. We own a fourplex and a duplex. And have bought and sold some others. "The business" started out with helping our friends buy houses and investment properties, and in the process, we found that we really enjoy showing houses and helping people go through the whole buying process. It has grown from there.

Our goal is help you through the buying process and find you a good home.

Our style is to give you the information you need to make an educated decision and let you make the decision. We are not of the high-pressure salesman type. If you have seen Rubin and Ed, you know what I mean; if you have not seen it, you should, Crispon Glover is amusing.

Our car is usually packed with remodeling supplies because Lisa cannot stop redoing things and goes to hardware stores for fun. Kimbrough has all the numbers and comparables in his head. Lisa is the organized one and keeps the paperwork in order. Kimbrough likes comic books. Lisa plays the Rhodes electric piano and Farfisa and daydreams about making documentaries. We both went to UT and have Computer Science degrees. Anyway, this is digressing into a blog.

If you are interested in looking for a home with us, the first step is to set you up on an auto-notification program that will email you when homes that fit with your criteria come on the market. If you would like us to set you up on a search, email us your criteria. Or, if you would like to meet and have coffee or something, give us a call or email.