Austin Neighborhood Photos and Descriptions

Barton Hills

With rolling hills and tree lined streets, Barton Hills is one of the most desirable areas of Austin. Its close to Zilker Park and therefore in walking distance to the various festivals and events like "Austin City Limits", "Kite Festival", "Trail of lights". Additionally you can walk down to Barton Springs Road where there are numerous local restaurants like Chuys, Austin Java, Shady Grove Cafe. In general driving through the area there are different types of houses and creative lawn furniture. Barton Hills is one of the areas where you could put manikins out on your front lawn and almost fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. The proximity to different culture events has come at a price. We lived in the area for about 4 years and are quite familiar with the daily grind there, so feel free to ask any questions. more Barton Hills...

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Bryker Woods

Another nice neighborhood. Pretty similar to Enfield / Tarrytown. It's just on the east side of Mopac and north of around 26th St. The homes tend to be a little larger than the average central neighborhood, which means you can actually find a 3 bedroom with better luck here. more Bryker Woods...

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Clarksville is right west to downtown and east of MoPac. It was originally a less expensive area and has become a very sought after / expensive over the last 5 or so years. It is very cute, probably a little older than the other neighborhoods. Lots of hills and overgrown trees. There are some little shops in this area as well, which make it one of the very walkable neighborhoods in Austin. more Clarksville...

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Crestview / Brentwood

This is a cute neighborhood of 1940-50's houses. It's a little farther away from UT than Hyde Park, so there are less students. A lot of people that want to live central but not be woken up at 2 am with frat kids screaming about something like Crestview. The neighborhood is pretty relaxed. There are movies in the local park in the summer and ice cream socials every so often. Crestview also has a total 1950's shopping center complete with barbershop, beauty salon, pharmacy, and independent grocer. We both live in the neighborhood and have been happy with it, so ask us any questions. more Crestview... or more Brentwood...

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Hyde Park

Hyde park is a neighborhood of tree lined streets and 1940's and 30's houses. This neighborhood is close to campus. The benefit of this proximity is it has a lot of interesting shops and restaurants in walking distances. Whether you are looking for a local Ice Cream parlor in Amy's Ice Cream or some record stores Hyde Park is close to it all. The negative for some people is there are lots of students and some areas tend to be noisy. Hyde Park is a well known area of Austin. It is north of UT. The reason people choose to live her or not to live here compared with other neighborhoods in a similar price range is students. There are a lot of students in Hyde Park either in rental houses or in apartments. There are lots and lots of stores around here because of the student population. The trick here is once you go east of Airport the neighborhood is not as nice. We call it the triangle. Its the area bounded by I-35 Airport and Koenig. It's close to Hyde Park but the area is a lot different. more Hyde Park...

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Enfield / Tarrytown

Again one of the well known neighborhoods of Austin. Older well maintained houses. There are probably less places in walking distance. I would say in Enfield you could take a walk in your neighborhood and it would be really quite. And if you wanted to go to a restaurant in downtown it would just be a 5 minute drive. The houses that back up next to Mopac experience traffic noise. Mopac is pretty loud.

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This area is just north of popular Hyde Park and becoming an entity in itself with a strip of vintage shops, a 24 hour coffee house, and a pizza parlor. The feel of the neighborhood is pretty similar as far as house style to Hyde Park with more fixer-uppers mixed in. more Northloop...

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Pemberton Heights

Pemberton Heights is a pretty unique area. Unlike Clarksville which originally was economically depressed but over the years has become more pricey, Pemberton Heights has historically been well-to-do. One of the benefits of this is that it is easier to find a house that is decent square footage (from 1500-6000 square feet) without an awkward add-on because they were built originally with 3+ bedrooms and 2+ baths. Although many of the houses were built in the 1930's and 1940's, the neighborhood is very clean with well maintained houses and lawns. more Pemberton Heights...

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