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"When my wife and I decided to shop for a house, we didn't want to deal with a realtor. So we were really happy that two of our friends were realtors, because they're good at what they do ... So if anyone is looking for cool, competent realtors in Austin ..."

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Austin Real Estate

Austin real estate can be a little overwhelming. Finding an Austin realtor that will provide you with information, but won't pressure you can be even more overwhelming. We specialize in helping people buy homes or investment property in the central Austin area. Our goal is help you through the buying process and make it as stress-free as possible. Our style is to give you the information you need to make an educated decision and let you make that decision, no pressure.

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To assist you in your Austin home search we can set up daily email notifications so that you can receive new properties as they come on the market. The Austin Real Estate market is checked once a day for new listings and anything matching your criteria will be emailed to you. If we find something interesting, we can head out to take a look at it. To set this up, email us your criteria or fill out this form.

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A Realtor to help you research the Austin Texas Real Estate Market
We have created this real estate website to help you start your research of the Austin Real Estate market and to better understand the home buying process. As a realtor we try to inform our clients about the current state of the market so they can make the best decision when purchasing their home.

There is also a section of statistics broken down by Austin MLS area and different neighborhoods.

     Understanding the Austin Texas Real Estate Market
     We have created a section to explain the different Austin MLS areas. In this section we explain the different geographical areas of Austin and we specify which mls areas cover this area. We have a section to discuss the different Austin area schools. We also have a section which gives the average prices in different Austin neighborhoods. Lastly we have collected a few Austin crime viewers for people to investigate the amount of crime in different Austin neighborhoods.
     Understanding the Home Buying Process
     We also have created a few sections to better understand the home buying process. The first section to look at is the Home Buying Process. The page explains the steps to buy a home in chronological order. Another page details the typical closing costs the buyer will incur when they purchase their home. We have also created a few Real Estate Calculators which help see what home price one can qualify for based on their salary or they can calculate a home price based on a desired monthly payment.
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